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Welcome to LetGo's official band web site...

LetGo origionate from Hawarden, North Wales.

..LetGo has 4 members..

Mark Robinson : Bass/vocalist

Ian Hughes : Guitar/vocalist

Fil Connelly : Guitar

Ed Bagnall : Drums

"our music is rock, and we like that"

14/09/04 - LetGo played widnes. on the 12th september and there are a lot more events coming soon for letgo. visit our sister site  for more conclusive details. thankyou!

September 04 - Let-go.itgo.com is on the deline and a lack of interest in this site had come from the arrival of sister site www.freewebs.com/letgomusic which is a lot more productive and u can hear our music. this site will be updated a lot more often so visit it!!

the month of august - ian has a new guitar, purchased from the city of bath, it's an ibanez, and its very nice indeed.

29/07/04 - LetGo hope to be back in the practise studios very very soon as it has very slow progress thus far. watch this space for gigs and news.


Welcome To Our Home Page

This is the official LetGo website

have a good look round..see the ever updating photo page..sign the guestbook, where all comments are welcome, and come back soon!!



The LetGo 4 track demo ep is here! and is of course availiable for you to have.

If you would like a copy of the LetGo cd, please place your order by emailing your name and address to ape_man_robbo@hotmail.com  and you should recieve your cd within a few days, or weeks, or months.

recorded by chris cooil 24/04/04.

Sorry Avril..we thought of it...

Recently in a LetGo band meeting..it was sadly bought to the bands attention that Skater Girl Avril Lavigne's current so called album is titled "Let go"..the band was horrified and quickly set out to straighten any misunderstandings.

Unfourtuately Avril claims she does not know a band called LetGo...

we would like to say we are not called let go after her album and in no way do we indorce or are we influenced by Ms Lavigne.

Thank you



l-r; ian, mark, fil, bog