About Let go
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Let Go....History behind the band

the story of letgo has been shrouded within the mists of time for a long time, my friend, no-one quite knowing what the real version of this ever expanding myth was....


it all begins with a band, which as yet were unnamed, but now go by the name of overgrown...Ian, passed the time, playing guitar with these jolly fellows, and produced classics such as 'adrenaline', but soon realised, that this wasnt the place for him...setting off with his possesions and a head full of dreams, he engaged himself in quite an adventure, including an incident with a cabbage,a piece of string and a carrot..more of which later.. eventually, he made a historic phone call, a phone call which was to shape his future...it went a little like this..

"hey, is that mark? its ian...do you wanna be in a band"


"okay then"



and thus, letgo was born...oh the joy, people set off fireworks, danced in the streets, cried in exaultation and drank heavilly (and thus did not remember in the morning, incidentally, forgetting who letgo are).. i remember only only because i stuck to lemonade, real lemonade mind you..

immediatley letgo set to work, forging songs in the dark depthe of the underbelly of what now has become to be known as hawarden..

"...We started out just playing about in the back rooms of our houses, with Ian playing a few chords and Mark Adding the Bass to produce some "prototypes" of future songs...."


the band wrote their first song "i love to play rock n roll" in mid january....joyous celebrations ensued..as you would expect...

then, the band spotted from afar, a renegade, a drummer, by the alias of boggy, who had previoulsly passed through the ranks of ians previous band..we offered him an opportunity, will you be the drummer in letgo, boggy? he replied in the afirmative...celebrations ensued...he was recently quoted as saying "i think joining letgo is one of the best things ive evre done"...we love you boggy..

in early december 2003 mr fil connelly joined the ever growing letgo and graced us with his guitar playing indeed...celebrations ensued

now a four piece, letgo continue in their plight of music..for the good of mankind...drawing influences from such bands and oasis, the hiss, the von bondies, 22-20s, the strokes and the foo fighters...

now playing thier music around the town, in places such as maddog studios, and boggys house..

for the love of music and all that is good

On 24th April 2004 LetGo recorded a demo ep that is availiable for any tom, dick or harry to purchace. This is a major milestone set by the band and hopefully will be a stepping-stone onwards and upwards..